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Have a "tabacalero" at your next social activity

As a certify tobacco roller artisan from the government of Puerto Rico, I will guarantee you a well balance cigar with rich flavor, depending on the preference of the blend.  I am not in the mass production cigar industries, I only roll certain amount per day and this is depending on the condition of the day.  

My family was not involve in the tobacco industry, therefore I am not a 1st, 2nd or 3th generation tobacco roller, but I do have a mentor Mr. Rafael Ramos from Orocovis Puerto Rico and he has 5 generation of knowledge in the tobacco industry, Rafa as his friends calls him"  has been rolling cigars since the age of 8 years old, he has been educating me for the past years, it has been a wonderful experience, a mental therapy that will clear my mine in a positive way that there is no wording to explain the pleasure of rolling a cigar over looking Fortaleza Street from the balcony of my home. I still have a lot to learn from Rafa and his skills in the tobacco, but as of this moment I can offer you a artisan hand roll tobacco with positive energy in every leaf of tobacco roll in the cigar, mild blend, medium blend and full flavor blend. 

All our tobacco leaves comes from the high mountains of Puerto Rico, Barranquitas, San Lorenzo, Comerio, Orocovis and Aguas Buenas.  Our leaves are age four years before we start rolling any cigar, our tobacco leaves  has no pesticides, all grown from small families in Puerto Rico. 

Fernando González Clavell 
Certified Artisan # 18283

If you want to buy some cigars, I'm located on Calle Tanga Street at el Adoquín del Patio Bar from Thusday to Sunday.



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